Workplace Training

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens
    Did you know that Cal/OSHA requires some workplaces to have employees trained in Bloodborne Pathogens? If you have employees that have the risk of exposure to body fluids your company may need this training. Our course is comprehensive, meets the requirements and is less than two hours long
  2. Cal/OSHA Safety Training
    Maybe your employees need specific compliance training as required by Cal/OSHA. This may include training for Fall Protection, Forklift Safety, Confined Space, Heat Illness or any other training. We come to you!
  3. CPR/FA
    Anyone who works with the public or with people should know CPR and First Aid. Some workplaces are required to have trained employees. Is your company one? Our low cost onsite classes are what you need.
  4. Clean Up Kits
    So you have safety responders and a great first aid kit but do know how to clean up and dispose of materials used? We offer affordable kits that you can keep with your first aid kits!
  5. Blended Learning Option
    No time for a CPR/FA class? Take our online option and shorten the in person class time to only skills testing. Great for employees who have had training in the past and need to refresh or update their certification.
  6. Customized Safety Services
    Need something you don't see here? We can probably help. Contact us today and discuss your companies specific needs.