CPR/First Aid Training


Basic Life Support
(CPR/FA) for 
Medical Professionals​​


CPR/FA and more for Babysitters

Who Needs It?
Everyone should take a class but some need the certificate for their occupation so we offer a variety of classes.  Are you a CNA, Personal Trainer, Teacher, Coach, New Parent, Clerk, Sales Person, Postal Worker, Child Care Provider, or any other occupation that deals with the public?  You need this!

Blended Learning
We offer our classes in two formats for your convenience.  Don't have much time for a class?  Try our blended learning option for CPR/FA.  Take the training online 24/7 and meet for a short skills testing.  You get your card the same day and access to our Passport App where you can access refresher training and your certificate whenever you need it.  

In Person and Worklplace Delivery
Want to have that in person training experience?  Our in person delivery classes are what you need.  You still get access to the Passport App and our instructor can answer any of your questions.  We offer our fun and informative classes to individuals and groups at your location.  

Not sure what you need?  Contact us today and we can help you decide.


Cardiopulmonary Resusitation for Adults, Children and/or Infants

First Aid

First Aid for Adults, Children and/or Infants